Apple engineers the return of iPhone mania as its harvest season begins

Queues form worldwide as consumers vote with their wallets for this year’s most anticipated smartphone release. The Apple harvest has begun. Australia’s first rush of iPhone X sales have been and gone, but as dawn breaks across the U.S. queues outside Apple and partner carrier retail stores suggest its hold on smartphone consumer imagination is as strong as ever, despite all the cynical noise.

The next decade

Apple’s on a roll.

September’s iPhone 8 releases have already driven higher-than-anticipated sales, the company is approaching a billion dollars a day in services revenue, and it is seeing growth across all its product range.

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New Relationship Marketing Hub Aims to Goose Conversion Rates

Optimove has released a new version of its relationship marketing hub. Optimove 6.0 lets users automate targeted marketing campaigns for new visitors as precisely as they can for current customers, the company said. It combines Web analytics with look-alike data, machine learning, and AI from its retention ecosystem to make accurate predictions of future spend before customers make a purchase.

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Word to the wise

IT pilot fish gets an email from a person who’s a member of a club they both belong to — and while it’s not work-related, it was clearly sent from work.”The email had been written as a Word document and, since I wasn’t using a Windows-based compute…

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